Resilience Spotlight: Applying advanced climate models to future-proof building specification

Today’s building specifications are designed for local weather conditions based on historical data. As future weather conditions vary significantly from historic trends due to human-induced climate change, building specifications must be recalibrated away from the …

UW–Madison designated as a Fair Trade University

On October 7, 2021, UW–Madison was designated as a Fair Trade University, making it just the second school in the Big Ten to attain this status, as well as the third within the UW System. …

Resilience Spotlight: La Follette Faculty and Students Conduct Living Lab Cost-Benefit Analysis of 100% Renewable Energy Options

This hands-on, real-world research will inform the Office of Sustainability about available options for improving campus sustainability and resilience.

Resilience Spotlights: Expanded Public-Private Partnership Sets Course to Improve Conditions and Usability of Dane County Lakes

Yahara CLEAN Compact members promote a culture of sustainability in recognition of how our natural environment contributes to the region’s economic vitality, recreational offerings, and local quality of life.

Resilience Spotlight: Health practitioners, educators and students declare climate change a public health emergency, unite to decarbonize health care

Health professionals on campus and from across the state of Wisconsin are battling the pandemic while taking action in recognition that the global climate crisis is another public health emergency – an emergency with no vaccine.

Great World Texts Program Revisits “Silent Spring” and the Legacy of Rachel Carson

On a Monday in early April, hundreds of high school students from across the state of Wisconsin woke up early and took buses to Union South for an entire day of discussion about Rachel Carson’s …