Student Intern Program

A group of people in red shirts surrounding a large, inflated Earth.
Office of Sustainability interns and staff celebrate Sustain-a-Bash 2022.

The Intern Program

The Office of Sustainability Internship is a year-long program in which student teams work to raise awareness of sustainable practices, influence consumer behavior, and train partners across campus in individualized strategies for implementation. Interns work closely with campus offices, departments, and auxiliary units like University Housing or the Wisconsin Union. Students can expect to gain concrete knowledge of sustainability solutions as well as professional development training in an upbeat, collaborative environment.

The student intern program is open to any undergraduate who is passionate about sustainability, regardless of major. Application periods are announced both on the Office of Sustainability homepage and in the Office of Sustainability Newsletter. You can learn more about the current student interns here.

See below for some of the collaborative services that our interns offer to campus partners.

Working as an OS intern has given me invaluable insights and an invaluable community. We have a unique opportunity as university employees to see the complex system of our campus as a microcosm of the broader systems in the world at large. This internship program provides an amazing way to dive into that headfirst. From hosting and producing podcasts, to helping lead a group of student-athletes, to riding along in a recycling truck, working here has provided some truly unbeatable experiences. And the best part is that I get to do it all alongside some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met!

Eliza Lindley, 2021-2023 Intern

Intern Teams

Morgan barlin wearing a blue shirt and white mask, pouring fruit into a blender cup in front of a grassy background

Communications Team

The Communications Team creates content for social media, the Office of Sustainability newsletter, and other platforms that helps create a culture of sustainability on campus. They are also responsible for leading Earth Week events. Read more here.

Social Sustainability Coalition

The Social Sustainability Coalition seeks to build collaborative partnerships that support a culture of equity and inclusion aligned with the three pillars of sustainability: social, economic, and environmental. Read more here.

Podcast Team

The SustainUW Podcast is created and hosted by student interns. Each episode explores a different question related to sustainability as it impacts the UW–Madison campus and the broader community. Guests include professors, student activists, campus staff, and other experts. Read more here.

Earth Day attendees.

Green Events

The Green Events team advises campus partners on improving the sustainability of their events. Read more here.

Green Office Arboretum presentation

Green Office

The Green Office Certification Program provides resources for UW–Madison employees to learn how and why to integrate sustainability into their workplaces. Read more here.

Green Labs

The Green Labs team helps all laboratories on campus, whether research or teaching, to become more sustainable. Read more here.

Food Team

The Food Team aims to address and improve food waste, food access, and food education on the UW–Madison campus. The team works with student organizations and campus entities to generate and implement strategies to improve access to sustainable, culturally significant, and nutritious food. Read more here.