University of Wisconsin–Madison

Student Intern Program

We’re hiring! The upcoming session for our intern program runs from June 2018 through May 2019. Although we will give priority to applicants who can work the entire calendar year,  we welcome applications from those who can’t make the full commitment. Please see here for information and the application.
Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Final deadline is 5pm CST on Friday, March 16.
Dane County landfill tour
Interns take a tour of the Dane County Landfill in November 2017.

The Office of Sustainability Internship is a year-long program in which student teams work to raise awareness of sustainable practices, influence consumer behavior, and train partners across campus in individualized strategies for implementation. Interns work closely with campus offices, departments, and auxiliary units like Housing or the Union. Students can expect to gain concrete knowledge of sustainability solutions as well as professional development training in an upbeat, collaborative environment.

The student intern program is open to any undergraduate who is passionate about sustainability, regardless of major. Application periods are announced both on the Office of Sustainability homepage and in the Office of Sustainability Newsletter. You learn more about the current student interns here.

See below for two of the collaborative services that our interns offer to campus partners. New intern teams currently under development include Green Labs, Green Greeks, and Communications.

Working for the Office of Sustainability has helped me prepare for my future in many different ways! I’ve been given this great opportunity to work in a professional setting with a group of peers I really enjoy. I’ve learned so much about teamwork and cooperation, but also how to work independently to reach a common goal. We practice project management through the various ways we are trying to improve campus. The experience I have gained from this internship has put me on a pathway towards my intended career of environmental consulting.

Ally Burg, 2017-2018 Intern

Waste and Recycling

The Office of Sustainability student interns provide education, tools, and resources to help campus groups improve their recycling and composting efforts. Read more here.

Green Office

The Green Office Certification Program provides resources for UW–Madison employees to learn how and why to integrate sustainability into their workplaces. Read more here.

Green Labs

The Green Labs program helps all laboratories on campus, whether research or teaching, to become more sustainable. Read more here.