Sustainability Community of Practice

The Sustainability Community of Practice (CoP) is a space for staff and faculty to discuss ideas, concerns, successes, frustrations, and lessons about sustainability on the UW–Madison campus and in their personal lives. Whether they hail from a lab, an office, or the classroom, Sustainability CoP members share a passion for improving the impact of their work-lives and work-spaces on the world around them.​

If you are interested in joining the Sustainability CoP or attending any of our information sharing and networking events please email

The CoP has given me an opportunity to see what the possibilities are for advancing sustainability, the ability to talk to people who are grappling with the same challenges I am, and the benefit of access to campus experts.

Member Testimonial

What does the Sustainability CoP look like?

As a Community of Practice:

  • Our HOME (sponsor) is the Office of Sustainability.
  • Our DOMAIN (shared interest) is in sharing frustrations, concerns, ideas, and solutions about sustainability, as well as exploring, piloting, and/or pushing for more sustainability-supporting actions within our workplaces at UW–Madison.
  • Our COMMUNITY is comprised specifically of staff and faculty at UW–Madison who have a passion for sustainability and a desire to influence best practices in our work units. Sustainability need not be a formal part of our roles (but can be).
  • Our PRACTICE is to increase awareness of sustainability and implementation sustainability-supporting practices.