Sustainability Course Attribute

Photo by Althea Dotzour / UW–Madison.

The sustainability attribute denotes courses at UW–Madison that include content related to sustainability.* The purpose of the attribute is:

  1. To meet student interest in the easy identification of courses related to sustainability; and,
  2. To provide data about about sustainability content in coursework at UW–Madison (e.g. for reporting purposes).

Below, you can find existing sustainability attribute courses as well as submit a course for the attribute.

*note: this is a “virtual” attribute that is administered by the Office of Sustainability.

Submit your course for the sustainability attribute

If you are an instructor who would to submit your course for the sustainability attribute, follow the link above.

Find sustainability courses

To view and/or find courses that feature sustainability content, use the current attribute list displayed below.
Check the Course Search and Enroll scheduler to see when these sustainability focused courses are offered.