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The University of Wisconsin–Madison works to integrate and enhance research and education efforts in sustainability science and practice across all parts of campus. UW–Madison has a long history of scholarship in a broad range of topics relevant to sustainability, from using recycled industrial materials in infrastructure to ensuring the sustainability of rural agricultural communities. Creating solutions for the sustainability challenges of the future will require dynamic teams and a comprehensive approach that addresses sustainability problems such as water, finance, energy, health, food, and community. Addressing these challenges will require an educated workforce that is trained to consider sustainability broadly.

In 2010, a chancellor-appointed Sustainability Task Force recommended that the University of Wisconsin–Madison create a university office that would align academics and research to advance campus sustainability goals. Now, the Office of Sustainability serves as a campus-wide resource for sustainability. By facilitating sustainability education and partnering with campus units to improve operations and resource stewardship, the office represents the realization of a shared vision for a sustainable campus.


The Office of Sustainability aligns research and education on sustainability (our purpose) with campus operations (our practices) in the service of environmental, economic, and social responsibility to people and the planet.


The University of Wisconsin–Madison will be a living model for sustainability, exemplifying values and actions that demonstrate our commitment to stewardship of resources, respect for place, and the health and well-being of the broader community, now and for the future.

Leadership Team

Cathy Middlecamp

Interim Director of Sustainability Research and Education

Ann Terlaak

Sustainability Certificate Faculty Advisor

Nathan Jandl

Communications Director

Ian Aley

Green Fund Program Manager

Jason Gallup

Student Programs Manager

Student Leaders

Tim Lindstrom

Interim Student Programs Director

Nolan Billstrom

Green Office team

Ally Burg

Waste & Recycling team

Carolyn Hamburg

Green Office team

Michelle Johnson

Waste & Recycling team

Hannah Keller

Waste & Recycling team

Katrina Kitzmann

Green Office team

Erich Kuss

Waste & Recycling team

Trina La Susa

Newsletter Associate Editor

Cordell Murphy

Green Office team

Noemy Serrano

Waste and Recycling Team