Green Events


The Green Events program provides guidance and resources to improve the sustainability of events on the UW-Madison campus. The program aims to reduce the environmental impacts of events by focusing on six major categories: Venue, Décor, Communications, Transportation, Food, and Waste. We want each client’s event to be a success just as much as they do. We are excited to have partners joining us in the quest for a sustainable future.

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Members of the Green Events team smiling in front of a leafy background
Members of the 2022-2023 Green Events team. From left to right: Rory Tevlin, Hannah Schilling, Melina Nguyen, Bennett Artman.

Not sure if your event has a sustainability focus? See if it relates to the Three Pillars of Sustainability, listed below!

  • Environmental Sustainability: practices that keep our ecosystems healthy and protect natural resources for future generations
  • Economic Sustainability: practices that support long-term economic growth without negatively impacting social, environmental, and cultural aspects of the community
  • Social Sustainability: practices that support socially sustainable communities, which are equitable, diverse, connected, and democratic, and provide a good quality of life

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out these resources the team has put together to help you with your events virtually and in person. Thank you, and make sure to reach out once we return to in-person events!

For more information, please contact

Green Event Certification

The Green Events team recognizes the actions event planners are taking to reduce the environmental impact of their event and encourages them to expand their efforts.

For large events, we have a Green Event Certification program where event planners collaborate with the Green Events team to identify and execute actions to improve the sustainability of their event. Depending on the level of action taken, the event will receive a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Certification. All certified Green Events will be recognized below on our website and receive a seal corresponding to their certification level to be used in post-event communications.

For smaller events, we encourage event planners to utilize the sustainability tips sheets provided above. After the event is over, we invite planners to fill in the approval form below to identify the steps they’ve taken to be more sustainable. Through this process, events have the opportunity to be recognized as a Green Event and receive a Green Event seal.

Large Events (200+ attendees)

  1. Reach out to the Green Events team using this email address:
  2. Office of Sustainability (OS) interns will respond to schedule a Preliminary Meeting
  3. Attend the Preliminary Meeting with any questions you may have to develop a customized approach to your event
  4. Option to receive support from OS on the day of the event
  5. Attend an Event Recap Meeting with the OS to reflect on the event
  6. Receive a Green Event Certification and corresponding seal and share your success!

Smaller Events (<200 attendees)

  1. Consult the Sustainability Tips for Events checklist to find out how you can improve the sustainability of your event
  2. Reach out to the Green Events team for guidance, resources, and answers to any questions
  3. Fill out the Green Event Approval Form after your event
  4. Receive a Green Event Seal and share your success!

Past Green Events

Green Event Platinum Certified SealSTARS Announcement Ceremony, Office of Sustainability – October 7, 2019

Green Event Gold Certified SealEarth Day Conference, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies – April 22, 2019
Discovery Expo, Wisconsin Science Festival – October 17-20, 2019
Wellness Symposium, Office of Human Resources – October 23, 2019
Networking Event, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies – October 23, 2019

Green Event Silver Certified SealWellness Symposium, Office of Human Resources  – October 23, 2018
UW–Madison Advising Conference, Office of Undergraduate Advising – February 26, 2019
Great World Texts, Center for the Humanities – April 8, 2019
Office Professionals Conference, Office of Human Resources – April 24, 2019
WAEE Annual Conference, Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education
– November 15, 2019
UW–Madison Advising Conference, Office of Undergraduate Advising – February 26, 2020
Environmental Justice in Multispecies Worlds: Land, Water, Food; The Center for Culture, History, and Environment – March 6-8, 2020
Great World Texts, Center for the Humanities – March 9, 2020

Green Event Bronze Certified SealBoard of Visitors Meeting, Global Health Institute October 10, 2019