Earth Week

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Earth Week (April 19-24, 2020) is an opportunity to celebrate as well as critically examine our relationships with the natural environment—and with each other. Beginning with our inaugural Earth Week in 2018 and continuing through our much-expanded Earth Week 2019, the Office of Sustainability has hosted a variety of environment- and sustainability-related events during the week of Earth Day in April.

Virtual Earth Week 2020 Schedule

Scheduled Events

2:00pm – Mindful Yoga with Peter *LIVE*
In this virtual class, we’ll take some gentle movements and stretches to exercise our minds and bodies. This is open to all levels, and beginners are welcome! 

Scheduled Events

12:00pm – Daily DIY: Lip Scrub & Face Mask
Join the Office of Sustainability to learn how to make your own environmentally-friendly lip scrub and face mask.

6:00pm – Making Your Message Heard: How to Launch an Activism Campaign *LIVE*
Campus Leaders for Energy Action Now (CLEAN) offer a workshop on how to launch an activism campaign by sharing some tips and tricks for taking your passion and turning it into a movement for change.

All Day
  • Nelson Institute Virtual 2020 Earth Day Events (available 8:30am-8:30pm; register here)
    In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, this year’s conference will set the stage for a convergence between the past and the present. We will highlight the confluence between the traditional conservation and rNelson Institute Earth Day 2020 posterestoration of the planet and new, ecological innovations taking place in areas such as genetics and engineering. We will discuss how we can leverage the best aspects of the past environmental movements while incorporating an increased sense of social justice. And, perhaps most importantly, we will honor those with wisdom of the natural world, while exploring new lessons that can help us all to be better environmental citizens. Join us as we work together to craft a future filled with hope, positivity, and intentionality.
  • Sustainable Shopping Podcast, Ep. 1 – available after 10am CST
    In this episode, Shreya Bandyopadhyay of the Social Justice Hub interviews Genève Friede, the store manager and social media lead at St. Vincent De Paul on Williamson Street in Madison. Friede speaks on her experiences in the world of sustainable shopping and gives insights on the importance and need for thrifting in the 21st century.
Scheduled Events

12:00pm – Daily DIY: T-shirt Bags & Reusable Cleaning Wipes
The Social Justice Hub teaches you how to make reusable cleaning wipes as well as shopping bags out of old t-shirts.

7:00pm – Climate Anxiety Roundtable *LIVE*
Panelists will discuss how climate change and COVID-19 are causing emotional and psychological strain, and talk together about ways to cope. Presented by the Office of Sustainability and the Center for Healthy Minds.

All Day
  • Spring Greening: Waste Management from Home – available after 10am CST
    This podcast from the Office of Sustainability student interns will discuss the importance of waste and recycling management, and offer tips for how you can incorporate the three Rs of waste management (reduce, reuse, recycle) into your daily routine. We will explain general recycling tips that can be followed from your home or apartment, ways to engage with electronic waste, and the essentials to starting your own home compost. The podcast will conclude with a conversation about current environmental justice issues associated with the global waste systems we have in place today.
Scheduled Events

12:00pm – Daily DIY: Sustainable Cleaners
A brief video tutorial on how to make your own sustainable cleaning solution, presented by the Office of Sustainability.

7:00pm – Film Screening: The Condor & The Eagle *LIVE*
In this film, “four Indigenous leaders embark on an extraordinary trans-continental adventure from the Canadian plains to deep into the heart of the Amazonian jungle to unite the peoples of North and South America and deepen the meaning of ‘Climate Justice.'” Introduction by Murilo Alves Zacareli, Ph.D. Presented with support from the Office of Sustainability.

All Day
  • Sustainable Shopping Podcast, Ep. 2 – available after 10am CST
    In this episode, student entrepreneurs Connor and Raven speak with Shreya Bandyopadhyay of the Social Justice Hub about their experiences in the world of sustainable shopping, and in particular sustainable shopping startups. They are starting up their own sustainable shopping brand, Cene.
Scheduled Events

12:00pm – Daily DIY: Self-Watering Planter
The ASM Sustainability Committee leads a tutorial on creating a self-watering planter!

5:00pm – Conscious Consumerism *LIVE*
In this live webinar, the Ethical and Responsible Business Network (ERBN) will introduce overconsumption as a root driver of environmental degradation, explain how to be an environmentally-responsible consumer, and explore how to determine if a company is “green washing.”

7:00pm – Earth Week Trivia Night *LIVE*
Need we say more? Get a team together and sign up to join!

All Day

Democracy Despite Distancing: How to Stay Politically Engaged During Quarantine – available after 10am CST
During COVID-19, you may be feeling more powerless than usual when it comes to influencing political decisions. Join the Wisconsin Student Climate Action Coalition (WSCAC) in a workshop on how to contact your legislator(s) regardless of your location. They will cover where you can find necessary contact information and facts related to pertinent political issues, a template for letter writing, and what personal information you should include in order to get a response.

Scheduled Events

12:00pm – Daily DIY: Reusing Fabric Scraps
The Office of Sustainability teaches you how to convert old fabric into potholders and reusable makeup remover wipes!

6:00pm – From Passion to Action: Combating Environmental Injustice at Home and Abroad
Hear from the Office of Sustainability student intern Jeremy Sanford for a guided workshop on environmental justice. Follow along to learn about national trends of environmental injustice, in addition to information surrounding the impact of COVID-19 on environmental conditions and organizing.

All Day
  • Sustainable Shopping Podcast, Ep. 3 – available after 10am CST
    In this episode, Shreya Bandyopadhyay of the Social Justice Hub interviews Krystle Marks, co-founder and CEO of Lev Apparel. Marks has built her career and fashion company on the fundamental and crucial idea of empowering women.

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