Green Fund Projects


College Library Writing Utensil Reuse & Recycling Program | Spring 2020 | $1,487

Students will collect pens, pencils, and markers for recycling. They will create a guide for purchasing and using refillable whiteboard markers for other departments to reduce their waste.

College Library Markers

Ingraham Hall Waste Minimization | Spring 2020 | $19,321

A team of students conducted a study of waste sorting practices in Ingraham Hall, identified areas for improvement, and received funds for new bins and signage.

Office of Sustainability student interns Natalie Brunner and Jackson Webster hoist trash and recycling bags during a trash audit.

Arboretum Lighting Retrofit | Spring 2020 | $30,000

Students are working with Arboretum staff to upgrade all of the lighting in the Visitor Center to energy-efficient LEDs.

Arboretum Light retrofit

Mobile Resource Recovery Stations for Catering Events | Spring 2020 | $6,500

Students will design and prototype a mobile waste sorting station to be used during catering events at Grainger Hall to reduce the amount of resources sent to the landfill.

Students arranging mobile waste station

Science Hall Lighting Retrofit | Spring 2020 | $11,900

Students worked with staff to retrofit an office space in Science Hall with energy-efficient LED lighting.

Light replacement in Gordon Dining & Event Center

Have an idea that addresses the environmental footprint, social impact, and operating costs of on-campus facilities? Green Fund staff can assist with proposal development at any time. Please contact Green Fund Program Manager, Ian Aley.