Green Fund Projects 2022-2023

Native Plant Garden | Spring 2023 | $11,413

Wildlife ecology students are working with staff from UW facilities to plant a native plant garden just north of the School of Education building to support pollinators and be a space for indigenous place-based learning.

Lighting Retrofit | Spring 2023 | $2,000

Students from Helios and Enactus proposed upgrading the lighting in the kitchens, hallways, and other “back of house” spaces of Four Lakes Dining. The new LED bulbs will save 112 MWh of electricity a year.

Energy Efficiency Devices | Spring 2023 | $2,505

The Office of Sustainability Green Labs program will pilot and study the use of smart power strips and timers to reduce energy use of lab equipment.

Electric Mower | Spring 2023 | $21,260

The Arboretum is working with students from CLEAN to replace a fossil fuel-powered riding lawn mower with an electric powered one, saving roughly 14 MTCO2e and $6,900 in fuel costs over the life of the mower.

Aquaponics | Spring 2023 | $9,250

Students from Engineers for a Sustainable World are working with faculty and staff to build an aquaponics system to raise fish and edible plants in D.C. Smith Greenhouse and incorporate the system into classes and other educational programming.

Tower Garden | Fall 2022 | $1,356

Student Athletes Leaders for Sustainability has introduced a vertical hydroponic growing system at an UW Athletics dining hall to engage student athletes in growing food.

Lighting Controls | Fall 2022 | $2,664

Students from Enactus and Helios are working with University Housing staff to add occupancy sensors and timers to hallway and bathroom lighting at Waters Residence Hall saving about 32 MWh and $4,700 a year.

Bee Hotel | Fall 2022 | $1,300

Students from Bees Please, Engineers for a Sustainable World, and F.H King are working with staff to design and introduce a nesting box for native bees to Allen Centennial Gardens.

Clothing Repair Equipment | Fall 2022 | $1,427

Re-wear It Wisconsin, a student organization, runs clothing swaps and workshops on campus about clothing reuse and repair. This project offers equipment to support their waste reduction efforts.