Green Fund Projects 2018-2019

Gordon Dining & Event Center Cardboard Compactor | Spring 2019 | $23,458

Students worked with staff to purchase and install a new cardboard compactor that improves the recycling process and saves UW-Madison an estimated $50,900 a year.

Compactor delivery at Gordon Dining & Event Center

Gordon Dining & Event Center Solar Array | Spring 2019 | $48,722

Students, staff, and community partners worked with University Housing to install a solar photovoltaic array on the roof of Gordon Dining & Event Center. The panels will produce approximately 42,800 kWh of electricity per year.

Members of Helios, Housing, Facilities Planning & Management, and the Office of Sustainability gather on the roof of Gordon Dining & Event Center. Left to right: Zach Galvin, David Darling, Sahil Verma, Breana Nehls, Stu Larose, Ian Aley.

University Housing Low-Flow Toilets | Fall 2018 | $17,184

Students took an inventory of toilets in 11 residence halls and replaced 82 outdated toilets with low-flow units. The team recycled all used porcelain and metal from the old toilets.

Toilets waiting to be recycled

Have an idea that addresses the environmental footprint, social impact, and operating costs of on-campus facilities? Green Fund staff can assist with proposal development at any time. Please contact Green Fund Program Manager, Ian Aley.