Green Fund Projects 2021-2022

Greenhouse Lighting Retrofit | Spring 2022 | $8,750

Students worked with staff to improve the energy-efficiency of over half of the lights in D.C. Smith Greenhouse

Energy Efficient Window Coverings | Spring 2022 | $8,000

Goodnight Hall installed window shades on south-facing windows to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of learning spaces.

Food Waste Reduction System | Spring 2022 | $12,500

Rheta’s Dining Hall staff used the Leanpath system to track and reduce food waste in their production kitchen. Students gather feedback from staff that led to an expansion of the system to Four Lake

Tunable Lighting Pilot | Spring 2022 | $1,250

Tunable lighting lets room occupants adjust lighting brightness and temperature to support learning and accessibility requirements of a space. This is a pilot project in a classroom in the Medical Science

Raised Garden Bed | Spring 2022 | $1,700

F.H. King, the student organization, partnered with University Housing to establish a raised garden bed outside of Chadbourne Residence Hall where they grow edible flowers and offer workshops.

Electric Lawn Mowers | $280,000 | Sustainability Pilot Project

Students from the organization, CLEAN, worked with Grounds to purchase 7 electric lawn mowers to replace their fossil-fuel-powered equivalents, calculate the impacts of the switch, and ga

Several people sit on green lawn mowers on a sunny day

Waters VFDs | $25,000 | Sustainability Pilot Project

The student organization, CLEAN, partnered with Housing to install Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) on the heat pumps at Liz Waters Residence Hall, improving energy efficiency by adjusting to the d

Gordon Solar Addition | $20,000 | Sustainability Pilot Project

Helios, the student organization, worked with Housing and Facilities staff to add 44 additional solar panels (11.7 kW) to the Gordon Dining rooftop. The team celebrated with a solar watch

Solar Bus Shelter Implementation | $100,000 | Sustainability Pilot Project

These funds supported the installation of the first 20 arrays on campus bus shelters. Students from Helios and Enactus who laid the groundwork for this project observed, learn

Solar Device Charging Stations | $45,000 | Sustainability Pilot Project

Students from Engineers for a Sustainable World and Helios along with faculty and staff from the Department of Engineering will design and install solar device charging stations

Water Mural | Spring 2022 | $20,000

Students are collaborating with Hoocąk (Ho-Chunk) community leaders from the Teejop Community History Project to create a mural on the north exterior wall of Helen C. White.