UW-Madison Seeks Campus Feedback on its Draft Zero Waste Action Plan

Are you interested in supporting UW–Madison’s zero waste goal? Here’s your chance to get involved and contribute to UW–Madison’s Zero Waste Action Plan.

We are seeking feedback from staff, faculty, and students on our Draft Zero Waste Action Plan. Your input is crucial in refining our strategies and moving towards a more sustainable campus environment. Click the link below to review the plan and share your suggestions before June 30th.

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Zero Waste Workshops

Additionally, we invite you to participate in a Zero Waste Workshop on Friday, April 26th. These interactive sessions, offered at 9:30am – 11:00am and 3:30pm – 5:00pm, provide a collaborative space for discussing the draft plan. Choose the session that suits you best and be part of the conversation!

Zero Waste Workshop (Morning)

Zero Waste Workshop (Afternoon)


UW–Madison students completed the 3-stage Atlas Zero Waste Fellowship Program to help develop its Strategic Initiative for Sustainable Materials Management known as UW Zero Waste. The Office of Sustainability’s Zero Waste Project Assistants and its Campus Resource Coordinator engaged its cross-functional UW Zero Waste Team to pursue a 3rd party zero waste certification (Stage 1), complete a Strategic Vision (Stage 2), and draft a Zero Waste Action Plan (Stage 3).

In Stage 3, the Zero Waste Project Assistants (Rachel SchumacherOlivia Grose, Emily Johnson, Carolyn Shumaker) facilitated a series planning sessions with key campus stakeholders to establish a Draft Zero Waste Action Plan, including a budget, timeline, and accountability reporting structure. This was an extension of the Strategic Vision, which served as a proposal to campus administration for establishing cross-departmental solutions to sustainable materials management. In Stage 2, The Zero Waste Projects Assistants facilitated meetings with campus stakeholders through a constructive process of reviewing the Stage 1: Zero Waste Assessment, identifying system-wide gaps, and conducting visioning sessions to achieve zero waste.

How Can You Help?

  1. Complete the Feedback Survey by June 30th.
  2. Attend a Zero Waste Workshop.
  3. Subscribe to the Office of Sustainability’s Newsletter to learn about new zero waste opportunities.
  4. Take advantage of the PLAN Membership benefits, including a discount directory, event opportunities, digital resources/manuals, and leadership courses.
  5. Contact the UW Zero Waste Team for more information on how you can get involved!