Emily Johnson

Position title: Zero Waste Project Assistant

Email: esjohnson22@wisc.edu

Photo of Emily Johnson in front of a leafy background

Emily Johnson (she/her/they) is a Sophomore studying Environmental Studies B.A. She is passionate about environmental issues, particularly climate change, and wants to pursue a career educating the public about it in a creative, story format. Previously, Emily had created a documentary, “Our Heartland: Climate Change and the Midwest,” about the global issue and its impact on the region which is viewable on YouTube. She is also a part of the student organizations A Moment of Magic as Snow White and Pres House. In her free time, Emily loves to draw, read, sew, listen to classical music, learn about history, and travel. Fun fact, she adores everything Disney which can be tested if you play them a song and ask them what character is it and when it is played in the movie.