Living Report

Organized around the domains of Culture, Purpose, and Practice the priorities defined by the SAC form the strategy and actions needed to make UW-Madison a leader in sustainability.


Our Culture

Make sustainability principles part of our day-to-day interactions, operations, and decision-making.

  • Integrate sustainability
  • Center social sustainability to support diversity, equity, inclusion, and access
  • Recognize UW-Madison as a leader in sustainability
  • Deliver survey to students, faculty, and staff assessing UW-Madison’s sustainability culture
  • Develop criteria and process for selection of, and organize celebration for, sustainability recognition and award recipients (individuals or teams)
  • Deliver sustainability orientation presentation during SOAR, graduate student orientation, and employee onboarding
  • Develop and deliver regular schools / college / division / department (S/C/D) level sustainability progress reports and workshops
  • Institutional structures and/or staffing to advance the priorities defined by the SAC
  • Design and implement processes to ensure consideration of the priorities defined by the SAC in strategic decision-making

Our Purpose

Elevate sustainability as a discipline, support collaborative research, and expand learning opportunities.

  • Expand sustainability learning opportunities and collaborations
  • Establish a distinctive home for sustainability research, education, and operations
  • Champion sustainability research
  • Designate the Office of Sustainability as a departmental sponsor for student organizations
  • Deliver survey to students, faculty, and staff assessing UW-Madison’s sustainability literacy
  • Develop guidelines and materials to support sustainable study abroad
  • Develop an inventory of campus resources and operations experts and processes for facilitating and executing campus as a living lab coursework
  • Develop a sustainability research guide through the libraries
  • Incorporate sustainability into Athletics life skills training

Our Practice

“Walk the talk” with policies, procedures, and systems that build a sustainable university.

  • Plan and design for a sustainable and regenerative university
  • Pursue carbon neutrality
  • Achieve zero waste
  • Build and operate a sustainable campus
  • Complete Campus Zero Waste Assessment and Strategic Plan
  • Implement Ingraham Hall Bin Infrastructure Pilot Study
  • Achieve Bee Campus USA & Tree Campus USA certifications
  • Sustainability line item for capital projects
  • Sustainability Pilot Projects (Efficiency, Renewables, EVs)
  • Supplier diversity partnership

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about the Sustainability Advisory Council, please email