Graduate students Lingyin Li (left) and Ratmir Derda prepare materials under a fume hood in Laura L. Kiessling's research lab in the Chemistry Building at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on July 30, 2007. Kiessling is a Hilldale professor of chemistry and a Laurens Anderson professor of biochemistry.How do UW-Madison’s academic and research enterprises advance sustainability?

In this section, you can learn about the reach of sustainability-related academic offerings as well as the array of researchers on campus that study sustainability.

Academics Data

What is the reach of sustainability-related degree programs? This section includes data on graduates from programs that include sustainability-related learning outcomes.

How well does the campus community understand sustainability concepts? The results detailed below are from a survey sent out to the full campus population, including students, staff, and faculty.

How much research at UW–Madison relates to the concept of sustainability? This section includes data on the number of researchers studying sustainability.