Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC) membership offers benefits for UW–Madison community.

UW–Madison is a Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC) member until September 30th, 2023. All UW–Madison students, staff, and faculty are eligible to take advantage of the campus membership offerings. Anyone with a valid “” email address can join!  Below, you can learn more about benefits and registration details.

SPLC Member Benefits

To access these benefits, register your account at and log in today!

Member Community Access – Unlimited member organization employees may access online self-service resources, including the Ask Questions Get Answers community message board, SPLC Case Study Library, SPLC Program Guidance, Sustainable Procurement Resource pages, webinar recordings, ability to post member announcements, and more.

Sustainable Purchasing Coaching – A suite of Sustainable Purchasing Coaching options supports procurement and sustainability professionals to develop new or enhance existing sustainable purchasing programs. We work with members to move beyond contract-by-contract approaches, take a strategic view, and address connected issues across a procurement portfolio. Our coaching engagements result in the creation of focused, strategic, impactful programs aligned with overarching organizational priorities, to ensure success.

Learning Circles (Peer and Topical) – Peer Learning Circles are small groups that meet monthly to support and learn from one another while addressing common challenges. Topical Learning Circles are groups that come together for long term support, project-based learning and technical assistance based on a specific issue or impact area (e.g. Circular Economy Procurement Learning Circle).

Action Teams – Sprint-team style groups that convene for a limited time to develop interim guidance on an emerging topic of concern.

Summit – Discounted registration for in-person conference.

Steps to Register and Login

  1. Visit and on “Join”
  2. Create an account
  3. Enter Login Info (Email address must be your email)
  4. Link Organization (Select University of Wisconsin – Madison)
  5. Complete Key Information and Click “Create Account”
  6. Confirm Your Account and Login

New Member Orientation – Recorded Webinar

Please click on the “New Membership Onboarding Video Recording” to learn how to navigate the membership portal and learn more about the member offerings.

New Membership Onboarding Video Recording

Enjoy your member benefits!

For more information, contact UW-Madison’s Zero Waste Team