The assembled aquaponics system showing the fish tank on the right side, the filter in the center, and a part of the hydroponics component at the bottom left corner.

D.C. Smith Greenhouse Aquaponics

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What is Aquaponics and How Does it Work?

Learn more about the science behind aquaponics!

A schematic showing how an aquaponics system works.

Hydroponics Mason Jar Garden

Want to start your own hydroponics garden?

A mason jar with leafy greens

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Project Partners

Engineers for a Sustainable World

Alex Aquino

Aubrey Barthel

Owen Knych

Veronica Morse

Elle Lettner

D.C. Smith Greenhouse

Johanna Oosterwyk – Greenhouse Manager

The Office of Sustainability

Ian Aley – Green Fund Program Manager

Application Materials

Are you interested in applying for the Green Fund for a similar project? Click on the link below to view the application for this project. For more information on application requirements, visit the Green Fund Application Information page or contact the Green Fund Program Manager, Ian Aley at

Aquaponics Green Fund Application Materials