Planning and Administration

How does UW–Madison advance diversity and equity, support affordability, and empower employees?

In this section, you can learn about the diversity of the campus community, support for employees, and efforts to make college more affordable.

Planning and Administration Data

How does UW–Madison work toward affordable tuition? This section includes data on the percentage of need met for students awarded need-based aid, the percentage of students graduating without debt, the percentage of low-income students, and the graduation rate for low-income students.

How many UW–Madison employees are earning a living wage? This section includes data on the cost of living in Madison, the percent of employees who are making that amount, and the pay of the lowest paid employees.

UW–Madison has a minimum wage of $17 for University and Academic Staff Employees and ensures that all Temporary Employees receive the City of Madison Living Wage (which is equal to 110 percent of the federal poverty level for a family of four). Any temporary employees earning less than the City of Madison Living Wage could only do so if they are employed through a special program (e.g., Goodwill Industries, Yahara House) or have indicated that a higher rate of pay would affect their benefits (Policy #UW-5022).