Sustainability Advisory Council


The Sustainability Advisory Council (SAC) will provide recommendations to the Provost and the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration on how to align the university’s mission, current campus strategic plans, the 2010 Sustainability Initiative Task Force Report, the Second Nature Resilience Commitment, and our legacy of resource stewardship to advance sustainability at UW–Madison.

The Council’s recommendations will be based, in part, on the results of the current Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS) report and will seek to fulfill important aspects of resolutions passed by campus governance bodies (Faculty Senate Document 2699, Academic Staff Assembly Document 666, and ASM Legislation 24-0123-03).

NOTE: All SAC events, including listening sessions, will be held virtually until further notice.


October 7, 2020
SAC Meeting #1: Kick-Off
December 8, 2020
SAC Meeting #3: Academics
March 18, 2021
Campus Listening Session #2B
October 14, 2020
Campus Listening Session #1A
January 12, 2021
SAC Meeting #4: Engagement
March 23, 2021
Campus Listening Session #2C
October 15, 2020
Campus Listening Session #1B (students only)
February 9, 2021
SAC Meeting #5: Operations
April 6, 2021
SAC Meeting #7: Prioritization Review
October 20, 2020
Campus Listening Session #1C
March 9, 2021
SAC Meeting #6: Planning & Administration
May 11, 2021
SAC Meeting #8: Prioritization Finalization
November 10, 2020
SAC Meeting #2: Prioritization Process
March 17, 2021
Campus Listening Session #2A



The Sustainability Advisory Council membership represents the breadth of the campus community, including shared governance.

Campus Listening Sessions

The Council will rely on input from the campus community to help guide its process and decision-making. There will be five campus listening sessions during 2020-2021, including one students-only session.

Agendas & Executive Summaries

Agendas and executive summaries for each meeting will be posted over the course of the year.


All meetings will be recorded and available to the public.

Contact Us

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about the Sustainability Advisory Council, please email