Striving Towards a Zero Waste Campus (Podcast Episode)

Members of the UW Zero Waste team joined the Sustain UW Podcast to talk “zero waste” at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In the episode, host Bennett Artman explores what zero waste means and how the University might get there. The guests discuss the foundational building blocks that the UW Zero Waste team are laying down to utilize resources more wisely. This episode examines the challenges and opportunities for all campus stakeholders. Tune in to learn about the University’s efforts to achieve zero waste!

Listen to the Episode

The SustainUW Podcast is created and hosted by student interns from the UW-Madison Office of Sustainability. Each episode explores a different question related to sustainability as it impacts the UW-Madison campus and the broader community. Guests include professors, student activists, campus staff, and other experts who help hosts uncover the complicated story of sustainability. This podcast examines common narratives of environmentalism and questions the status quo, seeking to understand what’s up with sustainability and where we should go from here.