University of Wisconsin–Madison

Ian Aley

Green Fund Program Manager

Ian Aley is finishing an M.S. in Urban and Regional Planning at UW–Madison. He grew up in Madison and did his undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto, double majoring in environmental studies and urban studies with a minor in English. During college, Ian helped organize many on-campus environmental initiatives including composting systems, CSA boxes, and energy efficiency upgrades to buildings. After graduation, Ian worked for a non-profit called FoodShare Toronto, supporting community gardens, kitchens, and markets in new immigrant neighborhoods. For the past five years, he has farmed and facilitated at the Farley Center outside of Madison and worked as a telecommunications engineer. Last year Ian worked with UW SWAP to improve processes for reuse of surplus materials on campus.

Ian is currently supporting the start-up of the UW–Madison Student Green Fund. This fund supports student-initiated projects to reduce the environmental impact and operating costs of campus facilities. He has helped establish the fund’s administrative structure and will be supporting project implementation.