Tripp Pollinator Lawns

The UW-Madison Green Fund supports student ideas that improve campus sustainability, including this project! For more information, contact Ian Aley at

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Sustainable Lawn Care

Learn about how you can manage your lawn in a more sustainable manner.

Monitor Pollinators

If you would like to help monitor pollinators on campus, please email Victoria Salerno, Bee Campus project assistant:

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If you would like to improve the sustainability of the UW–Madison campus by getting involved with a Green Fund project, please email Ian Aley, Green Fund Program Manager:

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Project Partners

Anna Schwendinger              Allison Sundeen                 Katherine Ackley

Ben Douglas.                          Bri Stevens                           Melina Nguyen

Gigi Diekelman.                     Gwen Kelley                        Emily Schmitt



Susan Carpenter – Wisconsin Native Plant Garden Curator


David Stevens – Ed Hasselkus Curator, Longenecker Horticultural Gardens


Karen Oberhauser – Director


Rhonda James – Senior Landscape Architect

Robert Scott – Building and Grounds Supervisor

Malorie Garbe – Sustainability Coordinator

Adam Rittel – Facilities Project Coordinator

Ian Aley – Green Fund Program Manager

Alex Frank – Project Portfolio Manager

Tripp Pollinator Lawn Application Material

Are you interested in applying for the Green Fund for a similar project? Click on the link below to view the application for this project. For more information on application requirements, visit the Green Fund Application Information page or contact the Green Fund Program Manager, Ian Aley at

Green Fund Tripp Lawn Application