Join the Office of Sustainability As We Follow the STARS 


The Office of Sustainability has completed a major data gathering initiative and is currently soliciting input from the campus community to inform an exciting new effort 

UW-Madison submitted its first Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS) report this summer, the results of which will be announced in October. With leadership and support from the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, the Office of Sustainability (OS) will soon convene a Sustainability Advisory Council to advise the OS as they “Follow the STARS.” The Council will provide guidance on aligning the university’s mission, existing campus strategic plans, and our legacy of resource stewardship in order to create a comprehensive campus sustainability plan based in part on the STARS results.  

The proposed structure for the Council is 20 representatives under the following arrangement: 

  • 2 Representatives from Academic Affairs (including 1 from the Dean’s Council)
  • 2 Representatives from Research and Graduate Education 
  • 2 Representatives from Student Affairs 
  • 1 Representative from Athletics 
  • 1 Representative from Diversity and Inclusion 
  • 1 Representative from University Relations
  • 3 Representatives from Finance and Administration 
  • 4 Representatives from Shared Governance, 1 each from: 
    • Associated Students of Madison 
    • Faculty Senate 
    • Academic Staff Assembly 
    • University Staff Congress 
  • 1 Representative from University of Wisconsin Foundation 
  • 1 Representative from Wisconsin Alumni Association 
  • 2 Representatives from the broader Madison Community 

In order to meet the needs of our campus community, the Office of Sustainability seeks feedback on the structure of the Council. Please fill out this survey to help us ensure that the Council is appropriately representative and that it will best communicate its progress to our vast and diverse set of stakeholders.