Food Team


The Food Team aims to address and improve food waste, food access, and food education on the UW–Madison campus. The team works with student organizations and campus entities to generate and implement strategies to improve access to sustainable, culturally significant, and nutritious food. The Food Team also promotes and shares sustainable practices that individuals can employ on their own.

Seven members of the food team standing in front of a wooden wall.
Food Team 2023; from left to right: Melina Nguyen, Kylie Schedler, Emily Schmitt, Lily Gruenewald, Claire Naughton, Rae Johnson, Maddy Doeden.


  • Flowers and jarred pickled vegetables on a tableImprove student, staff, and faculty access to healthy, culturally significant, and nutritious foods
  • Connect like-minded members of UW–Madison who are working to better our food system
  • Educate the campus community on sustainable food options on campus
  • Decrease food waste on campus through innovation, education, and awareness
  • Work on the areas of food access, education, waste, and sourcing

Current Projects

Following the implementation of Leanpath technology at Rheta’s Market, Green Fund staff conducted a survey in partnership with University Housing Dining. The survey captured feedback from Market staff on the technology and food waste. The Food Team supported the survey roll-out.

The Office of Sustainability is conducting a survey to evaluate the food access levels of students. The information gathered from the survey will be shared with campus food organizations to better allocate, provide, and communicate food resources to students. The Food Team supports the development and implementation of the survey.

The Food Team collaborates with University Housing Dining to grow edible flowers and herbs outside of Chadbourne Residence Hall. This Green Fund project coordinates with F.H. King: Students for Sustainable Agriculture to host monthly workshops during the growing season centered around food systems and agriculture.