Leadership Team and Interns

Leadership Team

Melissa Nergard

Position title: Director of Sustainability

Email: missy.nergard@wisc.edu

Andrea Hicks

Position title: Interim Director of Sustainability Education and Research

Email: hicks5@wisc.edu

Ann Terlaak

Position title: Sustainability Certificate Faculty Advisor

Email: ann.terlaak@wisc.edu

Nathan Jandl

Position title: Assistant Director & Communications Director

Email: njandl@wisc.edu

Ian Aley

Position title: Green Fund Program Manager

Email: iraley@wisc.edu

Josh Arnold

Position title: Campus Energy Advisor

Email: josh.arnold@wisc.edu

Travis Blomberg

Position title: Campus Resource Coordinator

Email: travis.blomberg@wisc.edu

Alex Frank

Position title: Sustainability Analyst

Email: alex.frank@wisc.edu

Jason Gallup

Position title: Student Intern Program Manager

Email: jgallup@wisc.edu

Rex Loker

Position title: Facility Architect

Email: rloker@wisc.edu

Jake McCulloch

Position title: Project & Communications Specialist

Email: jake.mcculloch@wisc.edu

Anjali Sridharan

Position title: Business Process Improvement Manager

Email: anjali.sridharan@wisc.edu

Graduate Student Employees

Marek Makowski

Position title: Project Assistant

Email: mmakowski2@wisc.edu

Audrey Stanton

Position title: Project Assistant

Email: apstanton@wisc.edu