Earth Week 2020 Goes Virtual

UW-Madison graduate student Audrey Stanton holds up an inflatable earth during Sustain-a-Bash 2019.
UW-Madison graduate student and Office of Sustainability affiliate Audrey Stanton holds up an inflatable earth during Sustain-a-Bash 2019.

In recent months, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyday life across the globe—and, of course, on the UW-Madison campus. Alongside the new norms of social distancing, face masks, and supply shortages, countless events have been canceled or postponed. Thanks to internet technology, resourceful interns, and a tweaked schedule, however, the Office of Sustainability is delighted to offer virtual programming for Earth Week 2020.

Marking the third year that the Office of Sustainability has hosted Earth Week on the UW-Madison campus, this month also brings the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, which will be celebrated most prominently by the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies during their Virtual Earth Day conference on Monday, April 20. As their event website describes:

…this year’s conference will set the stage for a convergence between the past and the present. We will highlight the confluence between the traditional conservation and restoration of the planet and new, ecological innovations taking place in areas such as genetics and engineering. We will discuss how we can leverage the best aspects of the past environmental movements while incorporating an increased sense of social justice. And, perhaps most importantly, we will honor those with wisdom of the natural world, while exploring new lessons that can help us all to be better environmental citizens.

Meanwhile, the Office of Sustainability will partner with a number of student organizations to offer over a dozen virtual events from April 19-24, including a climate anxiety panel discussion, Daily DIY tutorials, podcasts, an environmental justice workshop, and more. A dedicated web page lays out the daily schedule, but interested parties should also follow the Office of Sustainability on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter under the handle @SustainUW. In addition to getting the latest updates and news on Earth Week, the Office of Sustainability will be running social-media-only events like a sustainability BINGO game and a photo contest.

Read more about Earth Week 2020 events here; web page will be updated regularly:


By: Nathan Jandl