5 solutions for unwanted clothes

March 1, 2016 | by Sarah Olson

While trends and seasons change, having a thrifty attitude will always be in style. Donating, trading, and repurposing clothes eliminates landfill waste and reduces resource demands related to clothing.

Overflowing closet? Consider these strategies to re-home and repurpose your unwanted clothing.

 Donate unwanted items

Too many clothes? Drop gently used clothing in the recycling tower at College Library. Clothing in good, usable condition can also be donated to second-hand stores including Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul, and ReThreads.

clothing-998215_960_720Resell new and gently used items

Not your style? Students can give away or sell unwanted items in the Free and For Sale Facebook group. Others can try Craigslist, Amazon, and similar marketplaces. When meeting unknown parties, choose a public place and proceed with caution.

Trade with friends

Events like the annual MODA Swap & Shop are great opportunities to re-home your unwanted clothing. You could also host an informal stuff swap with a group of friends or within a student community. Just make sure you like and will wear the items you take.




Cut damaged pieces into rags

Even tattered and damaged items can have a second life. Cut old t-shirts into square pieces to use for household cleaning. Or use a t-shirt rag or an old sock on your Swiffer.




Make something new

Worn clothes are ripe for DIY projects. Favorite t-shirt? Turn it into a decorative pillow. Damaged beyond repair? Make a collapsible tote bag or a dog toy. Try these and more ways to turn old t-shirts into useful products. Send us a photo of your DIY using @SustainUW!