We’ve worked to document campus expertise on sustainability for the benefit of the greater community. Enjoy our short, informative videos about campus sustainability, or explore a small archive of past lectures on sustainability topics. Great information can be recycled, too!

The Journey of UW–Madison Recycling

We use hundreds of single-use coffee cups every day. Are you putting yours in the correct bin?

Campus as a Living Laboratory: Learning Through Eating

Environmental Studies students explore food sustainability by studying the environmental impact of meals at the popular campus restaurant Ginger Root.

What’s In The Bin?

Why dig through the trash? Lessons learned from Office of Sustainability trash audits.

More videos: 

Move-out waste reduction on NBC15

NBC15’s Meredith Barack talks to the Office of Sustainability about its partnership to reduce waste during the city’s annual apartment move-out.

UW Trash Audit on NBC15

A trash audit at Engineering Expo suggests that 25 percent of what was thrown away could have been recycled.

Students Work Toward a Greener Future

In Spring 2014, the Wisconsin Alumni Association highlighted Recyclemania, a competition that aims to reduce waste in residence halls, at UW-Madison.

Office of Sustainability Hult Prize, Boston Regionals

In early March 2013, four Office of Sustainability interns traveled to Boston, Massachusettes to compete in the Boston Regional Finals of the 2013 Hult Prize, hosted by the Hult International Business School.

Recycling at UW-Madison, Recyclemania Submission

Office of Sustainability interns took to Library Mall and encouraged students to recycle.

Sustainability lectures:

Sustainability Forum 2015: Keynotes, rapid-fire presentations, and panels from Forum 2015- Rethinking Our Consumption: Beyond Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. (February 26, 2015)

Sustainability Forum 2014: Keynotes, rapid-fire presentations, and panels from Forum 2014- Climate Change in Wisconsin: Where do we go from here?

Weston Roundtable Series: Green Infrastructure, Groundwater, and the Sustainable City; Larry Band, University of North Carolina (December 3, 2014)

Sustainability and Hygiene of Paper Towels vs. Electric Hand Dryers; Majid Sarmadi, UW–Madison (July 11, 2013)

Weston Roundtable Series: Mastering Public Presentations; Tim Miller, Spoken Science (February 26, 2013)

Weston Roundtable Series: Sustainability at UW–Madison; Faramarz Vakili, Craig Benson, and Nancy Mathews (January 31, 2013)

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