University Housing

at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Sept. 19, 2014. (Photo by Bryce Richter / UW-Madison)

The Office of Sustainability partners with University Housing to teach young Badgers how to live a more sustainable lifestyle both on and off campus. Together we strive to promote recycling, waste reduction, and responsible energy use through the following programs and initiatives:

Recycling and compost

All resident rooms have tri-color recycling bins (cans-glass-plastic, mixed paper, landfill) and an accompanying recycling guide. In addition, residence halls have compost bins on every floor.


In its second year, Sustain-A-Bash provides a fun and interactive event where students can connect with other sustainability-minded students on campus and learn more about sustainable living.

Waste reduction

The Office of Sustainability facilitates waste auditing in the residence halls as needed. Through waste audits, Housing has launched evidence-based interventions to reduce waste.


Wisconservation is a student engagement initiative that aims to educate young Badgers about how to live and study sustainably on campus. Themes include energy reduction, recycling, and mindful action.

Residence hall move-out

We work with University Housing to reduce landfill waste during the residence hall moving period, which usually occurs in May. On average the program has diverted more than 80,000 lbs. of waste from landfills each year.

Residence Halls

Leopold Hall: New in Fall 2013, Leopold Hall is the first residence hall that includes a greenhouse, which is located on the fourth floor. Leopold was built to promote sustainability and house ecologically-minded individuals. Solar panels located on the rooftop of the residence hall help to facilitate hot water heating. Monitors displaying the current electricity and water consumption of the building are located throughout the building to educate students on the amount of resources residents are expending.

GreenHouse Residential Learning Community: GreenHouse is a learning community located within Leopold Hall that works to unite students who are sustainability-minded. Students take part in field trips, local sustainability efforts and become part of an active community of eager-minded students.

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