Social Sustainability Coalition


Green Allies Team Fall 2020
Green Allies Coalition, Fall 2020.
Mission Statement

The Social Sustainability Coalition (SSC) seeks to build collaborative partnerships that support a culture of equity and inclusion aligned with the three pillars of sustainability: social, economic, and environmental. We aim to invite discussion and exchange knowledge regarding sustainability and allyship on the UW-Madison campus.

The SSC recognizes the lack of inclusivity within sustainability at UW-Madison. We are here to begin the work of inviting individuals and organizations to partake in opening up sustainability to more people. We aim to foster an environment where sustainability is accessible to all individuals, particularly those who have been systematically excluded from the conversation. Our vision is to create a space to share ideas, familiarize each other with our individual missions, and pursue the collective goal of enriching our campus community.

  • Host a variety of co-led gatherings with our partner students and organizations
  • Build a self-sustaining community of trust
  • Create a forum for discussion and collaboration over our shared goals
  • Use our shared knowledge to enact change and transform campus culture
  • Support and advocate for our partner organizations


Amplifying BIPOC Voices Series

The Social Sustainability Coalition created this series to help recenter voices that have historically been excluded from these conversations on our campus and across mainstream environmentalism.

Amplifying BIPOC Voices poster

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Here you can find links to organizations and centers on campus relevant to Environmental, Social, and Economic Sustainability.  Please email us if there are any additional resources you believe should be shared on this page!