Spring 2016

Campus as a Living Laboratory

Environmental Studies 126, Principles of Environmental Science, explores campus as a living laboratory of sustainability. Students will learn about food, energy, and waste by studying campus systems. Watch: Learning Through Eating >>

Socially Just Consumption

Students in Consumer Science 360 will consider consumers’ power to influence sustainability and social justice through purchasing decisions. The course also explores how policy and globalization shape consumption habits. Counts toward Sustainability Certificate >>

World Environmental History

Loved American Environmental History? This course offers a next step, considering environmental history from a global perspective and focusing on key moments that gave rise to the Anthropocene. The course asks the question, How do we live in this human-defined era?

Challenges and Solutions in Business Sustainability

This course considers inherent sustainability challenges and opportunities in markets while also exploring the frameworks by which we deem organizations “sustainable.” Offered at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Religion and the Environment

This course explores how religious persons and communities address global environmental challenges, with case studies drawn from Christianity, Islam, and Hindu systems. The course counts toward both Environmental Studies and Religious Studies degree programs.

Human Ecology of Food and Sustainability

This course aims to help students understand and improve the quality of human lives and the environment. Using food as a lens, students will explore historical roots and current practice of human ecology. Counts toward Sustainability Certificate >>

Renewable Energy Systems

This engineering course gives an overview of current renewable energy systems and technologies. Students will also explore environmental impacts and special issues related to scale, economics, and policy. Counts toward Sustainability Certificate >>

Sustainable Approaches to System Improvement

This course discusses innovative approaches organizations use to embed sustainable practices into their operations. Students will learn to integrate sustainability values into organizational interests such as cost, quality, and brand value.


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