Fall 2016

The following selection of sustainability courses offered this fall includes a variety of course levels and subject areas. The list is not comprehensive, but instead offers an entry point to show how sustainability applies to many fields of study.

See something that sparks your interest? Look for these and other sustainability courses in the Course Guide or contact your academic advisor to inform your enrollment decisions.

fruit-1027976_960_720People, Land and Food

This course explores how and why humans have transformed the global landscape. Professor Holly Gibbs will explore tradeoffs between human necessities and unintended consequences such as habitat loss, flood, greenhouse gas emissions and community displacement.
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backpack-1149462_960_720Community and Environmental Sociology

A key theme of this introductory course is interconnectedness. People and communities are tied to the environment in which they live, and they also feel the effects of global forces. The course will consider key concepts such as community and place, while also exploring contemporary issues including food security, environmental justice, and job creation.

computer-767776_960_720 Environmental and Social Risk Management

As people grow more concerned about environmental protection, business communities are developing and encouraging more environmentally friendly and socially sustainable systems. This course will consider these systems and how they are used to manage the financial risks associated with environmental damages.
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Consuming Happiness

As the saying goes, money can’t buy happiness — but in modern America, we certainly try. One of the “most talked-about” courses on campus, Consumer Science 173 questions modern consumer culture and explores alternative habits that can help us flourish. Students will also be invited to test the principles learned in class in their daily lives.

grasshopper-562090_960_720Insects and Human Culture

What’s the buzz? Environmental Studies 201. Cross-listed with entomology, this course considers the importance of bugs in the human environment. Buzzworthy topics include beneficial insects, disease carriers, and agricultural pests that affect our food supply. Students will also consider environmental impacts of pest control agents.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 4.17.52 PMU.S. Environmental Policy and Regulation

In this course, students will discuss the basic elements of American environmental policy and regulation with a particular focus on the specific people, sites and scales at which environmental decision-making happens. The course will consider in tandem the legal elements of regulation, and the geographic and social contexts in which policy is executed.

water-824418_960_720Environmental Engineering

What role do engineers play in environmental maintenance, management, and protection? This course will consider fundamental sanitary aspects of environmental engineering including water supply and wastewater problems, solid waste disposal, and air pollution. One year of college chemistry is required.


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