Fall 2015

Spring break is over, summer plans are in the works, and… yes, fall 2015 course enrollment opens this week. Some of these classes focused on sustainability might be just what you need to get those extra credits. Do you:

Need to fill a breadth requirement?
Sustainability incorporates many different ideas and it is likely you can explore sustainability while satisfying your breadth requirements.

video cameraHistory 125: Green Screen Environmental Perspectives through Film
The class will look at 20th and 21st century films and their impact on changing environmental ideas in American thought, politics and culture. Students will learn how film has shaped past, present and future environmental visions in the United States.

English 140: Environmental Literature in 20th and 21st Century America
The topic of this course changes each semester; this fall it will focus on environmental literature. This class can also satisfy Comm-B.

Environmental Studies 106: Environmental Geology
This class applies geology to think about problems related to intense use of the Earth’s resources while covering a large array of topics, from rocks and minerals to nuclear energy and waste disposal.

Geography 120: Global Physical Environments
This class, open to freshmen, looks at the global distribution and processes of climate, weather, ecosystems, landforms and soils.

Consumer Science 360: Sustainable and Socially Just Consumption
Students are able to conduct original research on consumers while learning how consumers influence sustainability through purchases.

Environmental Studies 139: Resources and People
This course will look into the relationships between humans and the Earth’s resources, considering issues linked to green consumerism, environmental ethics and environmental justice.

Forest & Wildlife Ecology 248: Environment, Natural Resources and Society
This class introduces concerns with human interaction and the natural environment, students work in Green Prairiewith a focus on food production, resource depletion and sustainability.

Geography 339: Environmental Conservation
The class looks at environmental conservation approaches in the U.S. and other countries. Most of the cases will focus on biodiversity and climate change issues.

Want to earn the sustainability certificate?
The 12-credit sustainability certificate gives students the chance to pursue interests that complement nearly any major field, to broaden perspectives and to learn practical, marketable skills that can make a difference in your life, career and community.

Many of the courses for the certificate are offered in fall 2015:
Consumer Science 360: Sustainable and Socially Just Consumption (MW 11-11:50 + discussion)
How do consumer choices impact workers and the environment? And how do policy and globalization drive consumer choices?

Environmental Studies 139: Resources and People (MW 2:35-3:15 + discussion)
Considers issues linked to the relationships between people and Earth’s resources.

Environmental Studies 367: Renewable Energy Systems (MW 4-5:15)
Learn about renewable energy applications for biomass, electric power, liquid fuels and geo-energy sources.

Environmental Studies 402: People, Environment and Sustainability (M 5:30-8:15)
The topics change every semester, but it revolves around environmental social sciences. Some of the issues might be land use, sustainability, food systems and energy policy.

OTM 370: Sustainable Approaches to System Improvement (TR 1-2:15)
The class takes a look at approaches to develop sustainable practices. Students will understand system-improvement concepts that directly address sustainability concerns.

See the fall course guide for more details on any of the classes listed above.


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