Proposed Kegonsa Research Campus Solar and Agricultural Research

UW–Madison is in early planning stages to investigate the feasibility of developing a small-scale solar and agrivoltaics project at the UW-Kegonsa Research Campus near Stoughton, WI. The proposed project would be located in an interior section of the campus to help retain the rural character of the area and feature a layout to facilitate agricultural research and education. The proposed project would generate enough clean energy to power more than 450 homes.

Digital rendering of a solar array from the air, showing black lines of panels and scattered trees in an agricultural landscape
Rendering of proposed 2.25 MW solar array. Source: Ayres Associates draft Environmental Impact Assessment.

Proposed Project Schedule

  • May 2022: WEPA Process Completed
  • Spring 2022: Notice to Proceed
  • Summer/Fall 2022: Design/Permitting/Reviews
  • Winter 2022/2023: Interconnection Design and Procurement
  • Winter/Spring 2023: Final Permitting, CUP Approvals, Interconnection Agreement, Final Design
  • Spring 2023: Start Construction
  • Summer 2023: Substantial Completion, Commissioning


Public Information Meetings

UW–Madison and project partners will hold public information meetings about the proposed Kegonsa Research Campus Solar and Agricultural Research project during the spring of 2022.

Environmental Impact Assessment

SunVest Solar LLC, in conjunction with Alliant Energy and University of Wisconsin-Madison, and on behalf of the University of Wisconsin System Administration (UWSA), has retained Ayres Associates to prepare an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). More information on the EIA is available here.

Questions and Comments

For more information on the project, please contact: