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What efforts are UW–Madison making to advance sustainability?

Check out our Sustainability@UW-Madison page for a great collection of important sustainability programs. The Office of Sustainability directly administers a number of programs and current strategic efforts are documented in the “Living Report” of the Sustainability Advisory Council.

Is UW–Madison making strides to become a zero waste campus?

Yes. UW Zero Waste is a strategic initiative administered by the Office of Sustainability. It is led by a cross-functional team of staff, faculty, and students.   The initiative aligns sustainable purchasing, material use, and recycling opportunities for campus stakeholders.

What is UW–Madison doing to increase renewable energy use at UW?

UW-Madison is currently working on a variety of renewable energy projects, on- and off- campus, details on the current efforts are available here while details on renewable energy usage for the main campus are detailed on the sustainability dashboard.

Where can I find more information about UW–Madison’s impact?

The Office of Sustainability maintains a dashboard, which tracks the progress of sustainability efforts at UW–Madison, using metrics included in the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System (STARS) assessment. Or you can dive into the details included in the most recent STARS assessment.

How can I get involved with sustainability efforts at UW–Madison?

There are multiple ways! 

  1. You could apply for our undergraduate student internship. Our internship is a year-long program in which student teams work to raise awareness of sustainable practices, influence consumer behavior, and train partners across campus in individualized strategies for implementation.  Applications open in February and close in March.  Keep an eye on our newsletter and website for an announcement of when applications open.
  2. Develop a project for the Green Fund which supports student-initiated projects that improve the sustainability of campus facilities.
  3. You could join a sustainability-focused student organization. Student orgs at UW–Madison do amazing work, and there are so many to choose from. See here for a full list.    
  4. Another way to get involved in sustainability efforts on campus is to join the Associated Students of Madison ASM Sustainability Committee.  This is an open committee that plans various sustainability events and campaigns throughout the school year.  
  5. If you are interested in taking a course related to sustainability, please see our Sustainability Course Attribute page or even consider pursuing the Sustainability Certificate.  

How can I stay up to date with what is going on at the Office of Sustainability?

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How can I contact the Office of Sustainability?

Visit our Contact Us page for more details on the best way to reach us!