Green Fund Projects 2020-2021

Electric Vehicle Food Truck | Spring 2021 | $30,000

Dining is working with student organizations to launch an electric vehicle food truck that will serve a menu that highlights locally-sourced seasonal ingredients and that minimizes packaging to reduce waste.

Art Contest | Spring 2021 | $5,000

Students organized a contest to purchase pieces of art from student artists for permanent display in the new Multicultural Center at the Wisconsin School of Business. The art will reflect and complement the mission of that space.

Pollinator Lawns | Spring 2021 | $915

Students are working with the Arboretum and Campus Planning and Landscape Architecture to establish pollinator lawn pilot sites that feature low-lying flowering plants, like clover, that offer forage for pollinators.

Reusable Takeout Containers | Spring 2021 | $10,000

A sustainability-focused affinity group for student athletes introduced reusable takeout containers to the dining facilities operated by Athletics for student athletes to reduce the operating costs of and waste generated by these facilities.

Loading Dock Lights | Spring 2021 | $5,000

Students worked with facilities staff to retrofit the lighting on the loading dock of the Wisconsin School of Business and adjust the motion sensor to reduce the electricity use of this high traffic space by roughly 13,000 kWh a year.

Tower Gardens in Dining | Fall 2020 | $1,700

F.H. King, the student organization, partnered with University Housing to set up two vertical growing towers in Gordon and Four Lakes Dining Hall where they grow vegetables and herbs.

Solar Bus Shelter | Fall 2020 | $1,427

Helios and Enactus, two student organizations, are working with Transportation Services to install solar panels on the roofs of bus shelters across campus to provide electricity for screens to display bus arrival information.