Local Food and Gardens

Community gardens

Volunteers playing games with children

Volunteers play games with children to introduce them to the local gardens.

There are more than 50 community gardens in the Madison area, more than doubling the number since 2002, and 30 acres of garden plots, up from about 17 acres in 2002, that provide fresh vegetables to many people. More than 2,000 households have plots in the community gardens, an increase of 87 percent over the past eight years.

The University of Wisconsin’s Eagle Heights Community Gardens (EHCG) was established in 1962 to offer Eagle Heights residents, UW-Madison and Madison communities the opportunity to have an organic garden. EHCG is one of the oldest and largest community gardens in the United States. The EHCG is located in a peaceful, natural setting adjacent to the University of Wisconsin’s Eagle Heights Housing within the Lakeshore Nature Preserve. At last count, the gardeners speak approximately 60 languages. The gardens feature gardening practices from around the world. The setting provides a wonderful place for meeting fellow gardeners, host family picnics and walks, and bird watching.

Organic produce

There are many organic food options in the Madison area. Many restaurants and groceries stores are recognized by Dane Buy Local for their collaboration with local farmers and dedication to buying local.

Check out these organic produce providers in the Madison area:


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