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Final words of advice for finals week

May 10, 2016 | by Sarah Olson As the stress of finals week sets in, it’s easy to forget basic rules for success: eat healthy meals, sleep regularly, take breaks. But these healthy habits will boost your performance when paired with smart study habits.

Volunteer during residence hall move-out

April 26, 2016 | by University Housing staff As more than 7,400 students prepare to move out of the university residence halls, the UW–Madison Division of University Housing is asking for volunteers to help residents and their families say goodbye sustainably to items they no longer need.


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What you can do

Unplug to save money


Unplug your TV when not in use

Your television draws energy even when you aren’t using it because it must always ready to receive a signal. Turned off and plugged in, an average TV draws 5 watts per hour. Unplug your TV when you leave for the day to prevent wasted energy. Bonus: You’ll also save money.

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