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Discovery enables more efficient electronics

August 11, 2015 | By Adam Malecek Graphene, an atom-thick material with extraordinary properties, is a promising candidate for the next generation of dramatically faster, more energy-efficient electronics.

“We knew we needed to help”

Spring/Summer 2015 | By Melanie Ginsburg A former chair of the Water Resources Management program saw an opportunity and the current chair seized it. The result: another shining example of WRM’s impact on Wisconsin communities.


Welcome Back!

New to campus or returning? Sustainability practices can be integrated into your daily life. Find out how to integrate it into your Wisconsin Experience.

Badger Volunteers

With 22 sustainability-related volunteer opportunities, Badger Volunteers is a perfect way to get involved this semester. Find an opportunity that is perfect for you and register September 4-10.

What you can do

Conserve 24/7 Challenge

Learn: Sometimes recycling is confusing, especially if an item is made up of multiple materials, like a coffee cup. Learn the journey of UW-Madison recycling.

If you’re interested in learning more about recycling on campus, check out the Office of Sustainability online recycling guide.

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